Sunday, August 19, 2007


Last Monday,I'd attend my ex-roommate,Yew Hua's convocation at MMU,Cyberjaya Campus. It's glad to see he complete his study with flying colour result.

Once back home,I find back our old photos when we take in first year...So many memory about the story that happened when we were under one roof was come out from my mind...

Front From Left : Boon Leong,Yew Hua,Jaffrey Ngai
Behind From Left: SaMYP,Nicholas Teh

After 4 Yearsssss

This is the photo that we take during the convocation.


May be our look is not change.But for sure,they got their new chapter of life soon. But I still at the origin...
1 year later,3 others will have their convocation there too. How about I?


Thursday, August 9, 2007


Yeah yeah. It's travel post again. This time,I visited to Geek's hometown, Lubuk Cina. It's a small town that near my hometown. Actually this trip is start from my hometown. Jian, Sze Ying and Jap had invited to my home. As host,I need to let my guest have a good memory. But actually nothing can play at my hometown except A'famosa Resort. Based on the economy problem,I'd decided to bring them eat the nice food around my hometown. For the story that happen at my hometown,I dun wan to mention much.U can read from here.

Ok,now start the story at Lubuk Cina. About 12pm,we depart from my house. The road to Lubuk Cina is so small and "bengkang bengkok". I'd try to drift there but not success,haha :Þ.

Less than 30 min,we had reached our destination. And we stopped at the road side and call Ah Geek come direct us to his house.

Here he come,with his racing car. hahahaha:P

Just 1 min,we had reached his house.

Outside view of Geek's house.

Just we reached,his mom had ready the food for us. So touch. Thank you,aunty.

Delicious lerr...

Yeah,forgot to tell u all,Geek's is from the family of Baba and Nyonya. So we can taste the real Baba and Nyonya food at his house. It's much much more delicious than Heritage Restaurant at Bukit Beruang.

After having our lunch,we all rest outside the house. Feel so sleepy because of the good environment. Because of too free and nothing2 do,that 2 自恋狂 start self photo taking again.

They are miao~ and shijixue

It's hot in the evening,so we drive to Masjid Tanah to eat cendol there.Why the place called Masjid Tanah???This is because there got 1 mosque that build without even 1 nail.

Here is the mosque

It's Indian Cendol. The taste is so different with what we drink normally.

After eating cendol. We go back Geek's house to take a bath and we continue our food trip again. Our next station is Ikan Bakar.
While on the way to Kuala Sungai Baru for the Ikan Bakar. We had pass by a beach. Without hesitating,we "jump" out from the car and take some photos for the nice scene.

This is 1 of the nice view that I take.

Finally,we reached the medan ikan bakar. The price there quite expensive but luckily they got show the price list.If not,we get "chopped" already also dunno. For not waste the time to travel around again,we ordered some cheaper seafood,here they are:

Otak-otak(Quite Normal)

Xi-ham(Normal Food again)

Ikan Cencaru Bakar.

Ikan Pari Bakar with Chili

Butter Crab(Most delicious food of the night,but the "kiam" missing liaw,dunno is throw away by the chef or they eat themselves ald. >.< )

I think not more than 20 min,our table become--->
"qianG qiaNG"

Just left the plate and the folk. hohoho~

They are full and cant move already...wuahahaha

Actually the food there is not so delicious. Hope can visit to Umbai soon to have the nice ikan bakar. Who wan go?Fast fast register with me la...hahahaha...

People like to put their photo at the end of the post. So I also do tat la...But really "wuliao" lerr... :Þ

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tag!!! (Song and Me) by Shjixue

Tagged by shijixue again...Still got 2 tags remain.I'll update them slowly... :Þ

1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense.
4. With the answers, give your own comments on how they relate to the questions.
5. Tag 5 people.

1)How are you feeling today?
~ Just wan to be crazy.Forget every unhappy things

2)Will you get far in life?
~ Get far or not is not so important. Most important is it's worth or not...

3)What's your bestfriend's theme song?
~ 你为了我我为了你,共赴患难绝望里紧握你手朋友

4)What is the story of your life?
~ Sometimes in the valley,sometimes at climax. But i still happY

5)What was high school like?
~ Yeah,My high school life is just happy and enjoy everyday. Sharing everything with my best friends. No secrete between us

6) How can you get ahead with life?
~ Dun try to avoid when meet problem. Cause I believe that if I can solve all the problem, I'll reach the climax of my life soon. My bright future is just in front of me

7)Whats the best thing about your friends?
任贤齐-Stay With Me
~ My friends will always beside me no matter how I am. The people who leave me away when I got problem are not my friends

8)Describe your grandparents.
~ They always wish their son and daughter can back home more frequent. So when I go visit them,they will very happy. And I love them too

9)how's your life going?
~ HappY HappY HappY!Everyday Just HappY

10)what will be played at my funeral?
~ Hope my family and my friends can forget pain,sadness and I very soon.

11)will you have a happy life?
~ Dun regret for everything that I'd done. Then My life will happier

12)what do your friends really think of you?
~ Always talk non stop and make people feel annoyed

13)Do people secretly lust after you?
~ dunno wat this question means,jz skipped.

14)How can you make yourself happy?
~ I'd think for 20 mins for this question,finally my conclusion is LOVE, love can make me happy.

15)What should you do with your life?
~ I want earn more and more MONEY

16)Will you ever have children?
~ Skipped...

17)What song would you strip to?
~ I tried not always lie

18)What does your mom thinks of you?
~ My mom always said she too protect me since I am kid,everything plan and do for me. So now make I do everything also not mature. And LAZY too... :Þ

19)What is your deep,dark secret?
~ Secret means cannot said lo...So i dun wan said la...hehe~

20)What is your enemy's theme song?

~ No Enemy,Skipped

21)Whats your personality like?
~ Always Find something make myself happy. So u can see Im HappY BoDY

22)What will be played at your wedding?
~ Hope my "another part" will always be with me till the end of my life...Follow me ForeVEr

23)tag 5 Lucky victim
yANn HoonG~hope to know you more
pidmopy~hehe,just wanna tag u... xD
Jian~tag back
WoOn LeE~You can write in Chinese
YunG~Fast fast do this tag,I know u can do very funny 1.