Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spend So much $$$

Last Thursday was Ascends of Yang Dipertuan Agong of our country,our government announce tat day was public holiday.B'coz of no class on Friday too,I got 4 days holiday. So,I decided to go bek my hometown. In these four days at hometown,I'd spend my time with my family memebers. And i also spend almost rm400 for changing my look. Although change liao oso not handsome... :P

Here are the goods that I buy in these four days.

New Spec, cost RM280

New Slippers, cost RM85

Cut My Hair, RM 9
Total= RM374
THANKS MY PARENTS for giving me these all things...THANK YOU

Saturday, April 28, 2007

New Blog

Finally i'd done my another blog site. Im creating this new blog is b'coz lack of ppl view my old blog website. So,Im here to intro myself again,Im SaM Ying Pok. Undergraduated of MMU Melaka. Dun wan to intro myself too much,u all can view from my full profile. So...Here we go for my new blogging journey!