Thursday, May 28, 2009

Telecommunications Engineering Gathering at Seoul Garden

Last Thursday, we had a farewell party for Telecommunications Engineering graduate. This is the first and the only gathering for our classmates. So I am so appreciate for the moment. Thanks Lilo for organize this gathering. We had take many photos and enjoy so much on that day. Hope to see you guys soon and wish u all have a bright future.

The end of MMU student life

After 6 years of MMU life, finally I finish my Final final exam. The end of my MMU student's life. Mahjong, clubbing, eating, movie, drama is my entertainment for these few days. Haha...

Waiting for Bali trip and convocation in August. Jobless now, my fren, please find me if got any entertainment laa...

P/S: Don't forgot to intro job to me also.

Friday, February 27, 2009


I feel that I am psycho by lecturer. Should I dont care what he said? Just do what I wan? Really psycho. Finish today....

Thursday, February 26, 2009

梁文音在MMU的签唱会 - Video





Wednesday, February 25, 2009


前天和朋友去参加了梁文音的签唱会。在MMU的Main Hall。身为'小'粉丝的我,早在一小时前就开始到现场去等。而梁文音迟了一小时才到,足足等了2小时。但蛮值得的,哈哈!


在这里和大家分享一些现场的照片。 有些蒙,但还是看得见,表酱计较啦!



好久没update了。我差点连我的网址也不记得了。最近忙着FYP(Final Year Project)。希望可以尽快完成。然后拿着一张砂纸(文凭)去找工。哈哈。最近比较忙,所以应该会多update。太空闲就会忘了这里。