Thursday, March 20, 2008

Eye on Malaysia Going to Shift to Melaka

Still remember this???

After the Merdeka Daf of year 2008,It'll shift to Melaka and 1st of October 2008 will lauch at Melaka.

Here the eye on Malaysia will locate at Melaka. Next time after go "GO GO KARAOKE",then we can go pusing pusing already...hahaha...

After it successful build in Melaka. Our lovely Menteri Besar Melaka,Ali Rustam said we will have a mini Disneyland at Melaka. And he said,it's free entry. What a Big project?! Next time dont forget to vote our current government. Thanks~

Monday, March 17, 2008

WHY You Dont Know I !!!

Another politic post again...please dont complain I ya!Although election had past 2 weeks. And I want to express my view about the "sequela" after election.

An unprecedented political tsunami, the 50 years political domain since independent had change in one night. Some people unexpectedly can be defeated in election, some people unexpected will win even in their dream! The big loser,Barisan Nasional had lose the 2/3 majorities in parliament for the first time, It's the first time that 3 pre-ministers had lost and at the same time BN lost 5 states reign for the first time. Some people are unaware , some people "run away", some people confidently accept, some person even rip the paper in the midnight...haha. However, the leaders who lost were thinking the same question:Why we can lost???

There got many reason why the citizen do not want the current government. Here I list out some

(I) Corruption

(II)The ruin of public security

(III)Economy become worse

(IV)High Inflation

(V) Unfair Policy

(VI)Races problem

And got many more. There are different consideration key in the heart of every electoral. But the truly causes that BN lose their almost half of all the seats is because they seriously comes apart with the public opinion. Simple said : They had overestimates oneself, but underestimates the voter.

Since the ministerial party has expected this session of elections will have more advantages to party opposition, the leaders are impossible not to know the disaffection of the voters. Many official and the unofficial survey had already tell them about the topic that not satisfied by the citizen. The question is, in view of this "counter- wind" and disaffection, the ruling leader had prepared what strategy for the solution before dismisses Congress? After lost in the election,then said is because of the "trend",is the citizen don't like the condition currently,not they do not like the parties.

Grab from

Nah! This is the trend that said by BN!!! But this is not the main reasonThey should think,"Who creates this ?!"

The citizen not satisfied with the government, not suddenly happen in this session of elections after the independent of 50 years . Actually each session of elections also have the disaffection, the different is,the politician got vigilant, rapidly, and decisively adopts the suitable strategy to comfort and to extinguish the disaffection of the citizen.

So, after defeated in the election,they cannot blame the parties opposition had play with the topic and not qualified to blame the voters had put the "emotion" vote. And if not mistaken, is the leaders educated us for not protest in the street if feel disaffection,we should use our vote to express our disaffection. Therefore, today situation, actually is the voter follows the education which the leaders had teach at pains and patience. But what the action done by the leaders that lose in the election,u all can see from this video...

The society is more and more advancement and the people are maturer, voter's field of vision already wider and wider. For the globalization nowadays, the request of citizen to the economical development,cannot satisfied by the project like repair the road,drain or give more street light that can settle in few days. The information explodes the age, the people can gain the information by only move their thumb, nobody can hide the truth from the masses. The fair policy of Earth village approaching, races politics just will let the ministerial parties step into the abyss. The citizen realizes that develop the country is the responsibility of the government in the modern age. Who do not did well,then we ask for change.People's thought are goes forward, but if the political parties are still in-situ steps, even drive to the back-draft, they will become the history soon.

Party opposition had achieve the historical win in this session of election, not necessarily is because of the voters think they are better than BN, but is because very many voters already were "angry" and cannot "tolerance" with the former ministerial parties .

The party opposition had waited for 50 years, and this is the first time they get the opportunity to lead the people. If they missed, perhaps have to wait for 50 years again. So,I wish that the current ministerial parties(In some states) should had foresight and enlarges their view. The parties leadership should choose the good leaders to lead the state and country. And does not because of the position of "Menteri Besar" , and forgot their original struggles objective. For all the politicians,they should always remember why the citizen will choose them as leaders. If they always insist on this political principle "What the people to want, often in my heart". And always put the citizen's benefit at the first, then how possibly that the voter won't vote for you in the election.


Saturday, March 8, 2008

~My First Time~Polling DAY

8th of March 2008 is the polling day for 12th Election of Malaysia. This is my first time go for the election. It's a nice experience. Im here to sharing with you all about my experience.

I was not go in the early morning cause I scared it's crowded. Haha...So I go at about 12 something. It's lunch time and not much people there.

Once I reached the venue for Election,I can see many supporters of the parties there.calonBN
This is the first view when I reach the place. You can see the candidate of Barisan Nasional's banner

Another BN candidate and this is the booth of Barisan Nasional

PAS supporters
PAS supporters!!!
They will shake the flag when the cars pass by. I make a "horn" when I pass by,they become so excited. Hahahaha...Shock~~~

It's enough for taking the the photos. I came out from my car and walk toward the election venue.

This is the school that use as election venue for my area.

Once I walk in the school. I see the electoral checking booth just in front of me.

registrationThere were no people waiting there. I think is because of lunch time. I was so happy because I no need to wait under the hot sunshine.

After the working committee check my status,they give me a number and ask me go into room number 3 for voting.

Room number 3 and code 1466. Who want buy number,then help me buy also la :P

When I went in the room,that people check my IC and my name. Then he shout the code and my name loudly. Scared me! Then I just realise this is the procedure. He need let other comittee to take down my name for not have double vote. Just a small room,but shout so loudly. Really funny laa

roomThe room that I cross the vote.

This is the view that I just able to take. It was because that I was stopped by the police when I trying to take photos outside the room. And the police stopped me for stepped into the room cause he do not know I am the electoral. After I show my "ticket" and IC. He just let me go in. My face look like underage??? So happy!!!

5 minutes I already vote my favourite party...haha...It's time go back home study for mid-term test :D

P/S:Please do not ask me which I support...It's secret,thanks~ :)