Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Memoirs of Diploma Year

Hoho~long time no update lo. Do u all miss me???? Wuahahahha~
Dun worry,im still handsome like last time...

HAHA~Dun wan crap liaw. Ok,start my post.This post is tag by Kim Fei.The title actually is Memoirs of Alpha Year. But b'coz of I am diploma student,so i change to title.

My diploma life is relax,enjoy and zero vexation.Everyday besides play,were play also...hohoho~ I'd know some new friends that time and we very fast become best buddy. This is because only got 11 chinese in diploma Tele for my batch,so no choice,we hang out,eat and also play together. It's so tired to type so much,so post photos here to tell u everything.

Again,my housemates...This photo had post at my previous blog.So no need explain again... :-D

Diploma Buddies...hehe~

1st and last time work at IT Fair. The most wasting time job,work for 3 days but cant get more than RM100

Two years past...
And finally I'd done my diploma.

F4 of diploma(Dun vomit 1st). Take when 6th Convocation of MMU.

My parents...hehe~

Not much photos were taken during my diploma year.So jz simply upload some la...hahaha...It's time to start my assignment and study lo. Final test start next 3 weeks...sienz
My frens who going2 have FYP presentation soon, Wish u all GooD LucK.
Lazy to tag people. So who feel free,then can try write this title la... :Þ