Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Injured Toe

Last 2 weeks,I'd hurt my toe when I played badminton. I just feel a bit pain and dunno it was so serious...
Once i reached home,I find out my toe is "bengkak" and it was black.Really awesome.
May be you all feel it's nth. But if compare wif normal 1....

The pain really make me cant stand well,even cant sleep well oso.
2 weeks past,the pain is reduce...

But It still "BENGKAK"

Can someone tell me what happen???Plz leave ur comment,thanks....

Sunday, July 22, 2007

8 random hairstyles of me....

Aiyooo....got 2 tags liaw...all tagged by shijixue...

Here, I update 1 first...actually not much hairstyle i change...coz im not a person tat "pandai" make up myself...haha...simply put some hairstyle tat look different la...

When 1st year in MMU

Longer hair...but so oily...yiakss

erm...hair style when jz wake up...:Þ

Wan act cool,but.... >.<

1st time dye hair...

like Ah Beng

This 1 ok a bit la....

Now...but like not much different...hehe~

Erm...who i wan to tag...
1. Ah Gik
2. Kelvin
3. yANn HoonG

Thursday, July 19, 2007


It's 6am now. I just back from hometown. It's still early,but i cannot sleep. My mind still thinking unstopped. I think I should try to learn how to "put down" everything. Then I just can sleep well and happY.

It's time to "put down". Hope I can do it,GooD Luck to mE!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tele Gang Gathering Episode 1

Stop updating recently,sorry to my readers...Coz everyday busy hang out with friends. I stayed home not more than 2 hours except sleep everyday.

After playing badminton with my crazy tele coursemates, Choo Hang said that long time no go out lo,den he said wan go town have the dinner. After spend 30 min to persuade my "wallet",at last I accept the invitation.

Ah Gee come and fetch me today,finally i can be passenger. Hoho!!!After fetch Ming Jie and Nicole,he told me that they all decided to go Havana Cafe. Oh,ShTT! It's already 2 times I having my dinner there in these 2 weeks,plus this time,ald 3 times there. So I suggested to change place,but they said the law is I nit suggested 1 place that can make them satisfy then jz can be change. But 3 places tat i suggested all banned and finally still nit go Havana... T_T...My wallet is crying,not me....

HaVAna CafE

2 Special Drink at HavaNa Cafe (I forgot the name,:Þ...Paiseh)

Marinara Seafood Sphagetti(Recommended Food)

Only 3 prawns and some light seafood
Tzee Feng ordered 1,and the food come,he kept shaking his head only...XD

Here the 3 beauties from our Tele. Course...
From left->Nicole,Zming(normally called Ming Jie)& Ivy Gan

Here the GuYs
From left->Tzee Feng,Choo Hang,Wei Shiang,SaMYP,Ah Gee

Tzee Feng keep complain that he just eat a bit only...Cant fulfill his desire...hahaha. So they said go for 2nd round...Oops,my waller complain again...But when they said go old town drink coffee,I direct said YES. Coffee is my favorite drink and Old Town Cafe is the coffee shop that I love most.

Old Town Cafe

My Favorite White Coffee

I ordered 1 White Coffee "kao". It's taste good and make I feel to order 1 more...But at last,I dun do it,coz my lovely wallet "screaming" there.

Oh~My Face like jerk

It's 11.30pm,Wei Shiang keep going said he wan go bek b4 12am...We think he is a good boy. Always go bek b4 12am 1...who noe he told us,he wan watched Wrestling(WWE).Cant miss it =.=""

Must go OLD TOWN next time. Anyone who got go,must invite me ooo...XD

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Crazy NitEz

This evening,after go for swimming. Feel so tired and decided to sleep early. Who noe while chatting wif Sze Yin,she said wan play badminton. Then she ask me2 ask the uncle still got court o not. But i directly booked 12am to 2am. Make her shock and panic...haha...Played badminton in late nite ald siao,den b4 tat i still go for swim somemore...Really dunno why i so full of spirit...haha~

At the court,we jz laugh and laugh beside playing badminton. Yee Phang keep shouting "nei ama wan nei,nei aba wan nei,nei loupo wan nei...." (你阿爸找你,你阿妈找你,你老婆找你...) in Cantonese. And then jz make Sze Yin laugh and laugh and cant play well. Then Nyian keep going said dun let it stop...siao 1,i no energy play like marathon la.

After played badminton,we go yam cha. We order roti john,roti sandwich and roti honda to share share eat together. The roti honda got a "love" shape and the indian place it in front Sze Yin. Damn special. Nyian direct cucuk the heart with fork coz jealous...hahahaha....

Yeah,it's ald 4am in the morning,think i've to sleep liaw...nitezz....

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Finally Approve~

Yeah...Recently got one thing very annoying me. Make I cant sleep well every nite. Keep owez thinking and thinking. Tat's my credit transfer stuff. Coz b4 tat,the ass. manager told me tat I transfer too much so dun wan let me transfer liao. Make I so angry and annoyed. So after I apply, I keep going disturb the staff at FET. The kakak at the information department in FET oso recognize i liao...haha...
Jz now after lab,I go disturb again. She told me can check on9. Coz they jz key in this morning...

Yeah,after i log in...I c this


Now all the thing settle. Can go sing k tonite lo...hahaha...Wishing tonite will hv a very nice moment

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

7 Random Things about Me

First time been tag. Thank for my lovely friend,course mate and badminton partner, Yung

Here the 7 random things about me

I scared lonely. I scared the time when I alone in my room or in my house. I scared the world will forget me if I no go out.

I like to chat. My mouth cannot stop "moving" for more than 3 hours. When my mouth no talk,I'll disturb people through ym for chat with me. Even when sleep,I'll talk also. Jian heard before when we at Nicole's house. He complain tat I already talk so much when day time,but when sleep still wan talk. :Þ (paiseh). So I think many people will annoyed bout me.

I like to laugh. I always laugh and laugh although the joke is not funny sometimes. The joke tat make by myself,I oso will laugh...Sometimes feel I like a "so zai"

I like badminton. Badminton is the only sport game that I can play well. Although not pro oso la :Þ... I love the feel smashing. Coz tat time,i can abreact my unhappy feel.

I sleep less. Normally I just sleep 5-6 hours per day. Sometimes no sleep for more than 24 hours. Not I dun like to sleep. Just my mind owez "ask" me wake up after I sleep more than 6 hours. So I scared my health oso.

I'll angry easily. I always angry with a small thing. And I'll feel unhappy if the problem still cant settle although jz a small prob. I cant sleep well and feel very angry sometimes. When I angry, I'll scold and mumbles ppl unstopped. My mom owez ask me dun so termagancy (暴躁).So now I wan slowly slowly learn be patient.

I hope to be loved and love people. My love is means the feel btw gal and guy. I owez day dream that I can dating with the gal that I love. But owez I jz think and no do anything. I dunno wat I scared. Mayb scared shy?or scared will lose a fren if "she" dun like me? hahahaha...I day dream again.

Now, here is the person that I wan to tag
Jason-Jason Mumbles-

Ah Gee
-Ck's WorLD X-
WoOn LeE-~ WoOn LeE~-
Qiu Ling
-pidmopy 's Blog-

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Feel better

Boring post again...Hope u all dun mind to read.

Today feel better oredy. Although i still not fall asleep. But i can feel the sleepy worm in my body now. I had chat wif my cousin. She had give some very good advice and make my mind not so "tight" oredy. Many things if can do and think in different way,then we will happier.

Half of year 2007 already over. Hope tat I can "bangkit" soon...Wont so blur anymore....
The people who disturb by me ystday nite,pls forgive me la...hehe~not 故意 1..haha!
It's time for me to take a rest la...Wish to turn bek my healthy life soon...
GooD night to all my frens